Das UNDING | Gleissicherheitskampagne

When something goes wrong or someone does something wrong, we like to call it an "unding". Putting yourself and others in danger in everyday life is just as much a part of it as disobeying rules. That's why the Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG, have launched the project "SEI KEIN UNDING". Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG do not take topics like track safety lightly and want to inform the passengers as well as all county residents, young and old, about this. UNDING has character traits such as inattention, recklessness and selfishness, which should not be displayed on the platform. In road traffic, the color red signals danger. Red traffic lights prohibit driving or walking on, brake lights and alarm buttons are also red. The color red stands for danger and the forbidden.

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The Challenge

UNDINGers lurk everywhere. We encounter undingers in many other situations in life. These range from vandalism to everyday undesirables such as leaving trash lying around. With the help of the UNDING character, we address these issues and call on people to avoid misconduct. Idea, Concept & Creative Direction: Thilo Terheiden

  • Idea, Concept & Creative Direction: Thilo Terheiden